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    i im looking for some EDF jets like an F-14with working swing wings and an F-18 A F-22 with the working things that are like elevators on the jets and a jet not like the wattage one and a F-14 and a eurafighter a typhoon ithink those are the same but i dont no and i would like the them to either retracts flaps or working canard or speed brake thanks please help me

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    A gentleman in englad designed an F-14 with swing wings. Go to and do a search for "f-14". This designed is now kitted by jet hanger hobbies. Go to their site and look at the kit. They also have a video of their prototype.

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    i have a question
    I designed and built my own plane and it dose have lift when i run with it in the wind. Its a replica of a horten ho 229 , dont know if any of you know what kind of plane that is but i want to put 2 eletric ducted fan units on it. the wing span is 4 feet 9.5 inches from tip to tip, and i want to know how to find out what the power to weight ration is, it needs to go about 20 or more mph to fly easly.

    Also, My plane is made of trad balsa wood not foam its light but will edf's even have enough power.
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    Having seen the jet hangar planes fly in person I can answer YES they do have enough power. Really clean after flying too no the oily mess like the ducted fans make.

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    I'd suggest seaching under the GErman term for flying wing:
    "Nurflügel" ho229
    and Mr Al Bentley for fantastic plans
    as well as
    for understanding the concept of CG and the issue of "twist":
    although it's all in German- you're a clever one and you can write down the terms in the pictures not translated using Google translate (Deutsche-English) - SAL Nurflügel Arcturus

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