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  1. Goldberg Eagle and Eaglet 
    I just made my maiden flight on my Eagle 63, and love it. I'm looking to share info with other Eagle Flyers.

    hi i have an eagle 2 it flys great right now it is pretty much the only thing i can fly very nice plane

    I have mine equipped with an old KB 40 engine. It's a big as my OS60 that I have in my Telemaster. I am proud to say that I did my first gas solo with the Eagle. Been practicing with the Telemaster Senior and an electric Slow Stick. I had 2 successful flights, and the third ended up in the bushes due to the engine quitting just after takeoff. No damage though. Great plane.

    What kind of information do you want to share? I have an Eagle 2.

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    I learned to fly on an Eagle II that I built from the kit. My original engine was an OS FP-40, and although I loved the way it ran I felt the plane really needed a stronger engine so I went with a comparably-priced Fox 40 BB deluxe. Many guys I have talked to have commented that the Eagle really needs a 45, especially if you fly off grass. I found larger wheels also helped in this respect- I ended up with 3 1/4 " and ground handling was excellent. I flew this plane almost 5 years before retiring it.

    I'm just now building my 2nd- this time an ARF. I've converted this one to a tail-dragger and modified the wing for nylon bolt attachment. The engine this time will be a Saito 56 4-cycle. Many of the old-timers I've met have loved this plane enough to have had more than one because they just fly so well.

    Good choice.

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    I learned to fly 12 years ago on an Eagle 2 -- I put a Super Tiger .46 on it and it literally flew itself...

    I agree with the slightly larger tires on a grass strip -- thats what i ended up doing with mine and it lasted several years. I only sold it because of a horrible crash on a 1/4 P-51 and a split second decision to sell everything that instant. Now i want another one!

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    I put together an Eagle II arf with the intent of making it a float plane.
    Even though I'm an experienced pilot, I enjoy relaxed scale-like flights
    with it. I'm a fan.

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