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  1. question for a friend 
    a friend of mine wants to buy a P-47 w/ a 55" wingspan. mind you he's never flown a RC plane in his life! i've tried to tell him that he should probobly try something a little bit smaller, but i think i'm losing this battle...can any one give me more examples that i can pass on to him?

  2. An example for your friend.... 
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    I started flying R/C over 20 years ago. Sounds like i'm old, but i started young, I'm 34. I have lost 4 planes over the years because i was stupid. Trying to fly something that i was not ready for.

    My frst plane was a p-51 mustang, 60 some inch wing. I spent over 4 mo. building this plane. I recieved many complements on it when i took it out to the field, and refused may offers to test fly it for me. Long story short... I started it, wound up pushing it out to the runway because i couldn't stear it strate. Went full throttle, she took off strate for about 15 foot, got up on the left wheel and tail wheel, got about 6 or 8 feet off the ground, droped the left wing so it was pointing at the groung, right wing pointing at the ski, and hit the ground. I don't think it was 100 feet away. 4 mo. worth of work, endless hours of building... and it was gone in a matter of about 3-4 seconds. i think the biggest piece that survived was 12" square, MAYBE.

    Tell your friend that if he has an endless bank account, go for it... But also ask him if he drove a dragster in drivers ed.... YOU HAVE TO START OUT EEEEEEEEEEASY !!!!!!!!

    I hope this helps,

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