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Activating your account

If the adminsitrator requires verification of your account, you will receive an email at the conclusion of the registration process. This email will contain a link the must be clicked to finalize the registration process, which will allow you to start using your account. You will not be able to post, visit certain sections of the bulletin board, and will not be able to view attached images in some cases, if you haven't activated your account. If you accidentally deleted or didn't receive the activation email, CLICK HERE to request a new activation email.

Why can't I post messages?

You must be registered AND activate your account to post messages. This requires that you complete the registration process and respond to the email that is automatically sent to your email address.

The two most common reasons an account is not activated is the user ignores the activation email, or the email is blocked by an aggressive spam filter. In either case, you are responsible for ensuring that you receive the activation email. Check with your ISP (internet service provider) to ensure that the activation emails are not being blocked. The link below will allow you to request another activation email. If you request another email on many occasions and don't receive any of them, either you entered the wrong email address, or the emails are being blocked by a spam filter. Please contact your ISP to resolve these issues. We are not staffed to handle problems created by your ISP.

To request a new account activation email, Click Here

General information for posting pictures

This forum software enables you to include pictures in your posts. There are limits related to the size and type of image that can be stored on the server, so please make note of the requirements so you will be able to take advantage of this feature.


• Images must be JPEG, Windows BMP or GIF file types
• File size must be 60 kb or less
• Dimensions must be 1000 pixels or less in either dimension

Image files often need to be reduced in size in order to meet the file size requirements. A raw image from a typical digital camera might be 200 to 5000 kb in its raw form, so it will need to be edited before it can be posted on the forums The two most effective ways to reduce image file size are 1) to cut its physical dimensions either by cropping of trimming the pixel width and height, or 2) reduce the “quality” of the image. Most imaging software allows JPEG image quality to be increased or reduced, often on a scale of 1 to 10 or 1 to 12. It’s best to reduce image quality to level 4 or 5 to cut down on the file size. Level 3 can also be used but the image starts to become pixilated if the quality is set too low.

Once you have the image(s) edited down to an acceptable size, place it somewhere on your computer where you will be able to find it. Select “Go Advanced” when posting a reply - you cannot upload images through the “Quick Reply” window. Post any text that you want to accompany the image in the reply window, and then click the “Manage Attachments” button below. Next, click the “Browse” button and find the image file on your computer that you would like to attach. Once you’ve found the file, select it and then click the “upload” button. Once the image is accepted, click the “Close this Window” button and then submit your post.

Please note that only one image can be attached per post. If you wish to post additional images, you must attach each to a new post. An image can only be uploaded once, so if you desire to display the image again in another thread, you’ll need to just link to the original image (right click the image and select “properties” to copy the URL where the image is located) or upload it again with a different file name. The first option is preferred so additional server space is not consumed by uploading the same image more than once.

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